Are You Being Called?

Are you struggling with the decision to work for a corporation or a faith based non-profit? Are you struggling with this decision due to the fact that at some time in your college years, you figured out you were being called to missions or to work with a faith based organization, but  at that point had accumulated great amounts of student debt?

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Re-Discovery helps alleviate the struggle you deal with when making this decision by helping you pay down your student debt. While you are performing work/answering your call with a faith based organization, for every dollar of student debt you pay off, Re-Discovery will match that amount paid, up to a pre-determined amount, as long as you are employed with the organization.

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Re-Discovery was created for the purpose of expanding God’s kingdom across the globe by providing recent college graduates a post educational scholarship opportunity to help ease the decision of going into the mission/faith based non-profit field vs. corporate world. Not having to sacrifice making an impact for the Kingdom at the expense of being overburdened by student debt is our mission.


God created us to be bold creatures. Our fundamental purpose for being on this earth is to spread the good news of Christ. We are all inherently born with this instilled in our genome, but as we grow and change we often place this purpose aside in pursuit of other worldly goals.

For a select few, there is an experience that takes place that helps us “Re-Discover” their purpose, and realize that telling the story of Jesus is more important than anything else in the world. For these select few that realization comes at a time where many dynamics of life are changing—the college years. Often when they have this experience, or “Re-Discovery” of faith, it is, in their eyes, too late. They have racked up too much student debt and the reality of working for a faith based non-profit is simply not feasible.

Re-Discovery’s vision is to help alleviate the burden of student debt for individuals who re called to impact the kingdom through full time work with Christian based non-profit organizations.


It is vital to our organization that our team, our associates and our recipients know and understand our values, as well as embrace each of these values in their daily works.

  1. 3 – T’s: Time, Talent, and Treasure will drive our daily operations
  2. Embrace faith – Let our faith encourage and inspire others
  3. Embrace struggles – Let our struggles open our eyes to new opportunity
  4. Pursue growth – In partnerships and faith
  5. None of this is for our own glory
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Tyler Ideker, Founder & Board Chair

Tyler’s vision for Re-Discovery was initially brought to him in 2009 when a meeting with his local Church leaders expressed a need to support college students who were going into ministry work. Tyler’s entrepreneurial spirit prompted him to put together a program to help fill this need. He worked approximately two years creating the vision and getting approvals before the Re-Discovery program was officially approved in March 2013. Besides working with Re-Discovery, Tyler is the co-founder of a private equity group based in Denver, Colorado and sits on several other faith based non-profit boards focusing on student ministry in and around Colorado.

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We are constantly in the process of collaborating with various Christian based non-profit groups to create strategic alliances in hopes of identifying opportunity to provide post college scholarships for new and/or recent applicants.

If you are an organization (or know of one) that would be a good partner for Re-Discovery, please contact us!


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Scholarship Recipients

We are always seeking applicants for scholarship recipients for Re-Discovery. If you, or anyone you know meets our criteria, please feel free to contact us to get the process started!